Since she was young, Marcelle has always been fascinated by fashion, creation and design in all ways, together with her sister they designed clothes and asked the seamstress to make, she always helped her friends to put together her looks and also to shop. As a teenager he learned a craft technique that allows the creation of various forms of design, since then he has always valued handmade work. Very attentive to the details, like a good Virgo she is, she takes meticulous care of each piece produced. The concept of authenticity is present in everything Marcelle does.

The Marcelle Store believes in more life consumption, a fashion that consciously reinvents itself, that believes in love at first sight and that does not count the time passing.

Our priority is sustainable and responsible consumption, we choose to produce according to demand, to avoid waste as much as possible.

Our entire line of accessories is handmade and with a lot of love!